Somos a Pedra / Folk Trad

OS D’ABAIXO (Galicia)

© Carlos Abal

Best Galician Folk band of the year !

Os D’Abaixo, one of the strongest proposals of Galician New Folk.

Ten years of career and 2 albums on the market, they intend to overcome this crisis with a 3rd album – Somos a Pedra – to be presented at the end of 2021, a new work and a new repertoire designed to play all styles of Galician music, encouraging joy, partying and dancing.

Their quality, originality and festive spirit are their letter of introduction, an essential band in the current Galician Folk music.


Richi Marín: percussions
Santi Cribeiro: acordion
Gon Goás: guitar and choir
Xacobe Varela: gaita, bouzouki and voice
Roberto Rama: gaita and saxophone
Quim Farinha: violin

In collaboration with Culturactiva

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