Administrative and banking data

Name: asbl SceneOff vzw
Head office: Square Léopold, 17/2 – 1020 Brussels/Laeken (Belgium)
Legal form: non-profit association
Purposes: The purpose of the association is to produce, publish, assist in the creation, promotion and dissemination of artistic works and services. It may organise and produce shows, exhibitions, conferences, symposia and courses for itself and for third parties. It may also carry out all acts directly or indirectly related to its corporate purpose.
Founding date: 29/12/2014
Company number: 0507784013
0% VAT: exemption under Article 44§2 / 8 ° of the Belgian VAT Code
IBAN: BE61 0689 0169 1617
Bank account opened in the name of asbl SceneOff vzw, Square Léopold, 17/2 – 1020 Brussels/Laeken (Belgium) at Belfius Bank, boulevard Pachéco 44 – 1000 Brussels
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