Nio / African World

Momi MAIGA (Senegal, Catalonia, Mexico)

© Neus Sola

“Nio” means “soul” in Mandinka, the native language of the young Senegalese musician, singer and songwriter Momi Maiga. Through his compositions, he tells us the story of the journey that every human being undertakes on earth, from birth to the moment of departure.

Together with the Catalan percussionist Aleix Tobias Sabater, the exuberant Maçal Ayats on cello, and the meticulous Mexican violinist Carlos Monfort, three of the most talented musicians living in Catalonia, the show “Nio” becomes magic for all the senses.

A dynamic and constant dialogue between three cultures and four great musicians. Casamance, Mexico and Catalonia merge into a sea of transcontinental sounds and rhythms that surprise every second.

Momi’s unearthed voice dances between the twenty-two strings of the Kora. It is accompanied by the versatility and majestic sound of Marçal’s cello, the delicate and almost transparent sounds of Aleix Tobias and the multifarious sounds of Carlos Monfort’s violin.

Fusion is the main ingredient of this exciting, energetic and deep show.

The soul of the show, it becomes to life with a stage presence of the four musicians together on stage who capture the audience in an instant.

This show is a co-production of Momi Maiga with La Marfà – Musical Creation Center, Fira Mediterrània de Manresa and Olot City Council.


Momi MAIGA: voice and kora
Aleix TOBIAS: drums, percussions and backing vocals
Carlos MONFORT: violin and backing vocals
Marçal AYATS: cello and backing vocals

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