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Mercedes PEÓN (Galicia)

© Xosé Abad

“One of the most authentically original artists on the Spanish music scene”.
(The Guardian)

“Deixaas is an intense effort that testifies to his open-mindedness and perseverance in his work, but also to his courage and unwavering will”.
(Rolling Stones Magazine)

Deixaas offers a powerful and vibrant sensorial experience, dynamic and committed. Its scenographic format expands the creative universe of Mercedes Peón, while connecting craftsmanship and avant-garde in an exceptional way.

On stage, Ana Fernández and Mónica de Nut participate in a proposal that breaks with the classical formations of leadership and accompaniment to offer an overwhelming and accessible artistic experience for the audience, in which all the elements that distinguish the composer’s work converge masterfully with totally personal and unmistakable sound and aesthetic languages.

The setting, the textures and the aesthetic power of the dramatised poetic word create an evocative, authentic and trance-like atmosphere. The contemporary dance conceived by Janet Novas specifically for Deixaas, visible through projections, turn the show into an unrepeatable transmedia approach.

In collaboration with Culturactiva

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