Balkan Music

Les Ânes De Palinkov

© Mathieu Bonfils

The Montpellier collective “Les Ânes de Palinkov” mixes Bulgarian, Romanian and gypsy music in a festive and timbre way. Their original compositions are rooted in the Balkans but they also seem to extend to South America …

Sometimes they are an explosive ball full of humor, sometimes a rock band in a crazy mood. “The Donkeys of Palinkov” are welded together by a gleaming rhythm section, inspired melodists and, above all, by a band of limitless improvisers.

“Les Ânes de Palinkov” is a real “all-terrain” UFO with an atypical orchestration. The group is gathered around 6 musicians, all willing to dive into the vast world of “Eastern music”, an intriguing sound universe in which rhythms and melodies of an incredible depth are mixed. But they are also bringing a new look to it, a new soound, a breath of freedom …

A moment of celebration and madness not to be missed!

In collaboration with Musicart:


Matia LEVRERO: guitar
Vladimir GOURKO: singing, balaïlaka
Vincent BOISSEAU: clarinet
Guillaume GARDEY de SOOS:  trumpet
Mickaël PERNET: saxophone
Valentin JAM: drums

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