Eclectica / Jazz

Gwen Cresens

© Johan Jacobs

The most beautiful tunes emerge where boundaries fade.

Our car is German, the television Korean, the coffee beans Bolivian, and we prefer to consume fruit and vegetables from our own region. The Ice cream comes from Italy, and at home, there is a Swedish sofa next to grandmother’s buffet cabinet in the style of Mechelen. All is connected, undividable, unique. Everything is one. Eclectica.

Accordion player Gwen Cresens collects his musical material in this eclectic way. Globalization is his starting point when he approaches the music. Globalization is the condition to do so.

Bach, Mozart and Beethoven were famous great improvisors. Their starting point was the score, but the music came alive beyond the paper, through freedom and talent. Gwen Cresens wishes to follow this tradition with his new quartet, and in full dialogue with three wonderful jazz musicians: pianist Bart Van Caenegem (De Frivole Framboos, Brussels Jazz Orchestra), double bass player Janos Bruneel (Jack Van Poll Trio, Marjan Van Rompay Group) and drummer Matthias De Waele (Stéphane Mercier, De Looze/Machtel/De Waele Trio). All of them are trained and inspired by the greatest jazz musicians of New York.

Together, they play compositions by Gwen Cresens, exciting interpretations of Bach and Grieg, film music by Laurel & Hardy, and Brazilian 20th century dance music. 

Gwen Cresens approaches his music via the accordion, an instrument known in many cultures, thus making the word “genre” unnecessary.

As always, Tango and Valse musette lurk around the corner.

All in one. Eclectica.


Gwen CRESENS: accordion and bandoneon
Bart VAN CAENEGEM: piano
Janos BRUNEEL: double bass
Matthias DE WAELE: drums

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