Poeta / Flamenco

Esteban MURILLO (Belgium), Federico ORDOÑEZ (Spain) & Dani BARBA MORENO (Spain)

Esteban Murillo is only 26 years old and flamenco has always run in his veins, a passion inspired by his grandfather Paco, who immigrated to Belgium to work in the mines.

With the excellent Dani Barba Moreno on guitar and the magnetic Federico Ordoñez on dance, POETA celebrates flamenco and poetry in a complete show that combines subtlety, authenticity and modernity.

POETA and its poetic universe take you on a journey of exploration and self-searching; an intense moment suspended in time and space that immerses you in the tradition of flamenco – such a bewitching and powerful art – and its modern interpretation.


Esteban MURILLO: voice, palmas, bass and electro
Dani BARBA MORENO: guitar
Federico ÓRDONEZ: dance and electro

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