Rebounce / Jazz

Alexandre CAVALIERE (Belgium) & Adrien BROGNA (Belgium)

© Melanie COL

Alexandre Cavaliere’s jazz violin and Adrien Brogna’s classical guitar combine with talent, finesse and happiness. Brazilian sounds resonate against a backdrop of improvisations as eclectic as they are surprising. 

But it’s not just Jobim or Guinga’s Brazil that’s on the menu. Mauricio Carrilho, Marcos & Paulo Valle, Didier Lockwood… are also reinterpreted in highly personal flights of fancy. 

It’s beautiful, it’s delicate, it’s luminous.

It was 25 years ago… We were sharing music at school during lunchtimes. We were 12 years old… 

After a long journey along parallel paths, one in jazz, the other in classical music, Brazil played the role of matchmaker. Our compositions joined the adventure. Sometimes just waiting has a special flavour…“. (Alexandre & Adrien)

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Alexandre CAVALIERE: violin
Adrien BROGNA: guitar

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