Danse, Mémoire, Danse / Corsican voices and Jazz music

A FILETTA (Corsica), Paolo FRESU (Italia) & Daniele DI BONAVENTURA (Italia)

© Sébastien Cholier

“Danse mémoire, danse” is a musical and vocal work on the theme of the crossed views of two men, two islanders, two exceptional beings who have marked the 20th century: Aimé Césaire, a writer, poet and playwright of Martinican origin, and Jean Nicoli, a teacher and resistance fighter who was executed in Bastia in 1943 by the Italian fascist occupiers. These two men have in common their political commitment and their humanism, notably through their judgement on colonialism.

If A FILETTA has decided, in this show, to bring together these two luminous thinkers imbued with humanism, it is simply to remind us again and again that behind the greatness of these men, whom we like to celebrate for their commitment and their sacrifice, there is the idea for and by which they live and die: that of a fairer, freer world, more respectful of differences, more equitable and more united.

Corsicans and Italians, polyphonists and jazzmen, all musicians with roots. Voices, trumpet and bandoneon will contribute to highlighting the ideals, but also the dreams of these “princes of the clouds” by proposing a mixed music which is nobody’s music precisely because it is everybody’s music.


Paolo FRESU: Trumpet, flugelhorn
Daniele DI BONAVENTURA: Bandonéon
Jean-Claude ACQUAVIVA (A FILETTA): seconda
François ARAGNI (A FILETTA): seconda and bassu
Petr’Antò CASTA (A FILETTA): bassu
Jean-Do BIANCO (A FILETTA): bassu

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