Conversation(s) / Oriental and Corsican voices

A FILETTA (Corsica) & Fadia TOMB EL-HAGE (Lebanon)

© Denis Derond
In « Conversation(s) — Encounter between East and West », a cappella appears in all its purity. Sacred and profane songs, sung in Corsican, Arabic or Syriac, they bring together two universes and musical traditions of which the osmosis is a result of a great ability to listen and a perfect complementarity between the artists.

If each of them keeps their specificity, these conversations open imaginary spaces which are

gently traced through the voices’ melismas and the fusion of timbres.

From this encounter was born a unique symbiosis, a limpid polyphony, a poetic and timeless harmony which fuses Corsican and middle-eastern repertories.

About Fadia TOMB EL-HAGE

Fadia TOMB EL-HAGE is one of the rare professional singers to combine the Eastern and Western vocal techniques. After a young debut in Lebanon as soloist in several productions of the Rahbani brothers, she went to Munich to pursue her studies.

She is the founder, with her two sisters, of the vocal Trio « TriOrient » devoted to the interpretation of traditional songs of the Lebanese inheritance (sacred and secular) and Middle-Eastern (old folklore, mouashahat, etc), a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment, in unison and in polyphony.

Fadia TOMB EL-HAGE: contralto
Jean-Claude ACQUAVIVA (A FILETTA): seconda
François ARAGNI (A FILETTA): seconda and bassu
Petr’Antò CASTA (A FILETTA): bassu
Jean-Do BIANCO (A FILETTA): bassu

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