Aire ! / Trad-Folk

Sabela CAAMAÑO (Galicia) & Antia AMEIXEIRAS (Galicia)

© Leticia T. Blanco

Best Galician Folk album and Best Galician song of the year !

Caamaño&Ameixeiras is a duo tied to traditional music and dance. Formed by Sabela Caamaño (chromatic accordion) and Antía Ameixeiras (violin and voice) in 2018, this duo, in its short but intense career, did a large number of concerts, mostly in their native Galicia, but also in other parts of Spain and other countries. Mainly instrumental in nature, although also incorporating some carefully chosen vocal themes, Caamaño&Ameixeiras take tradition as their starting point, understood as something alive and in constant change, to later create their own language, with personal and intimate compositions and arrangements that maintain the popular essence but incorporate contemporary elements.

Aire! is their first album, produced by the renowned musician Diego Galaz, where they have such outstanding collaborations as Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Fetén Fetén, Abraham Cupeiro, Xavi Lozano, Carola Ortiz, Pablo Martín, Apel·les Carod or El Pana.


Antia AMEIXEIRAS: violin
Sabela CAAMAÑO: accordion

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