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Sabela CAAMAÑO (Galicia) & Antia AMEIXEIRAS (Galicia)

© Leticia T. Blanco

Sabela Caamaño (chromatic accordion) and Antía Ameixeiras (violin and vocals) form Caamaño&Ameixeiras, a Galician duo linked to roots music and dance.

Since its birth, in 2018, this duo has had an intense trajectory, both nationally and internationally. Taking tradition as a starting point, the duo manages to create their own unique language, with personal and lively compositions and arrangements that maintain the essence of popular music while incorporating contemporary resources and placing emotion at the forefront.

After the success of their first album, Aire! (Segell Microscopi, 2021) (Martín Códax da Música 2021 Award in folk category, 1st Prize in Folkez Blai 2021 (Ermua, Basque Country), Opinión da Música de Raíz ao disco do ano 2021 Award), produced by the renowned musician from Burgos Diego Galaz and with such outstanding collaborations as that of Sílvia Pérez Cruz or Fetén Fetén, the duo releases their second album in October 2023.

In Quitar o aire (Raso Estudio, 2023), with Hevi (Malandrómeda) at the controls of the production, Caamaño&Ameixeiras resignify and update the codes of roots music, turning their sound upside down, elevating the mysticism and depth, taking the sonority of Galician and Iberian tradition to the virulence of more frontal planes with music that goes beyond the margins of genres.

Caamaño&Ameixeiras’s new work is inspired by Galician popular rites. A fascinating universe where reality, magic and religion converge to provide answers, to heal and celebrate life. A world that places the tribe at the centre, the community, understood as a network of help to save each other.

In this album, the duo emotionally and musically undresses to connect with their roots and immerse themselves in this imaginary, which is also their own, to visit and recreate some of the most beautiful and suggestive places. From the intimacy and sadness of mourning to the exaltation and celebration of the cure of illness. From the excited illusion of love filters to the powerful darkness of exorcisms. 

After their first album, Aire! (2021), Caamaño&Ameixeiras now appeal to the purifying rite, to the precise word, to ancestral wisdom. To chaos and renewal.

Quitar o aire


Antia AMEIXEIRAS: violin
Sabela CAAMAÑO: accordion

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