ALFAIA / Dialogue between Celtic and Arabic musical cultures

Verónica CODESAL (Galicia) & Adil BENHSAIN (Morocco)

© Didjiemde

Carried by the suave voice of Verónica CODESAL (Ialma), the warm sounds of Adil Benhsain’s oud and viola, and supported by various ancestral percussive instruments, ALFAIA takes us to the farthest reaches of the world where music rhymes with evasion, languor and bewitchment.

We close our eyes and let go…

And so begins a marvellous sonic adventure that meanders, in a completely surprising and unprecedented way, between Galicia and the Maghreb, in a repertoire of traditional music and songs, mixed with fine classical touches and reinterpreted in very personal tonalities.

A beautiful way to make us discover the immense richness of the benevolent meeting of cultures that are not so far from each other.

From moving vocal crossings to mystical lyricism, Verónica CODESAL’s voice and Adil BENHSAIN’s music are combined with talent, finesse and happiness.

It’s beautiful, it’s delicate, it’s luminous.

A production of asbl SceneOff vzw based on an original idea by La Première – RTBF / Le Monde est un Village / Didier Mélon


Verónica CODESAL: Galician voice and percussion
Adil BENHSAIN: oud, viola, voice and Arabic percussion

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