Alegria e Liberta

© Lieve Boussauw

ALEGRIA e LIBERTA – between muñeira and tarantella – addresses the meeting of the voices of memory; that of the “passionaria” of the Italian national anthem, Lucilla GALEAZZI, and that of the beautiful Galician “cantareiras” of IALMA.

They bring a repertoire that swings back and forth between tradition and modernity, illuminated by the diatonic accordion of Didier LALOY, the tamburello of Carlo RIZZO and the guitar of Maarten DECOMBEL.

ALEGRIA e LIBERTA are songs from moving vocal transitions to mystical lyricism. Songs of women with which they give each other strength at work. To encourage each other while they wait for their men to go fishing at sea. To resist the dictatorship that puts pressure on their songs. Popular songs that go back to the culture, to the roots, to that identity that gives a people something to pass on.

ALEGRIA e LIBERTA is also a party ! The joy of being able to sing and dance… in complete freedom.


Veronica CODESAL: voice, percussions
Eva FERNANDEZ: voice, percussions
Natalia CODESAL: voice, percussions
Marisol PALOMO: voice, percussions
Lucilla GALEAZZI: voice
Didier LALOY: accordion diatonic
Carlo RIZZO: tamburello
Maarten DECOMBEL: guitar

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