Galician World Fusion


V.Codesal, D.Laloy & D.Chierici

© Studio Trad

100 Voltas is a project steeped in Galician culture and tradition, conceived as a living, constantly evolving element, a point of departure and not of arrival.

A repertoire that preserves the essence of the past while incorporating contemporary elements and different instruments: electronic instruments, violin, oud, etc.

Texts entrusted to Galician poets of the past and contemporary  through which they tell their stories as women, wives, companions, mothers, daughters, friends, workers, artists, activists.


Veronica CODESAL: voice, pandereita
Didier LALOY: diatonic accordion, stompbox
Damien CHIERICI: violin, electronic instruments


IALMA: backing vocals
Quentin HALLOY: drums, keyboards, oud

Formulas: trio / quartet / septet

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