Gypsy Jazz

Fanou Torracinta

© AB Fedi

The guitar has always been part of the heritage of the island of beauty, the mazurka and the waltz being the trademarks of Corsican guitarists. It is not surprising that this young guitarist from Bastia – Fanou Torracinta is only twenty-six years old – has seized on this history.

Indeed, true artists draw from what charms them, are inhabited by it without any visible effort, make their own worlds that seem foreign to them. In reality, these influences are never pure and they are less inexplicable than they seem. They transform themselves according to their desires to fade away and recreate a singular world of their own.

This project is above all a group affair, with which our soloist blossoms perfectly.
Surrounded by the young pianist Bastien Brison and supported by an imperial rhythm section of formidable efficiency, formed by William Brunard on double bass and Benji Winterstein on rhythm guitar, Fanou, constantly inspired, asserts a true originality, putting his mark both by his light swing style, combining Corsican and Manouche influences, but also and above all by the contribution of original compositions of great freshness.

The original and very creative compositions of this young Corsican guitarist are combined with some jazz standards that we like to hear again and again…

In collaboration with Musicart:


Fanou TORRACINTA: guitar
Bastien BRISON: piano
Benji WINTERSTEIN: rhythm guitar
William BRUNARD: double bass

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